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The Benefits of being a clean tech “Green” Company

“It’s easy to forget that your business is not the center of your customers’ universe. Their lives are filled with experiences, information, relationships and stories that have nothing to do with you. To them, you are an occasional blip on a crowded radar screen — and if you can maintain some frequency to your blip and some relevance to the audience’s radar screen, you’ve done more than most.”

This quote, from an article that can be found here, , is exactly what I am talking about when building a loyal and profit building customer base.

In order to be a successful brand, a firm must realize that they are not in the center of their customers universe. They are small, insignificant part of it, a second hand thought, mostly, an annoyance. So the question becomes – how does a firm become more than just a seller of products?

Here is your answer; you must stop just selling products, a company with an effective marketing strategy, that will build brand awareness and customer loyalty, is a sharer of thoughts and values. A “thought leader” if you will.

So here is how to connect most with your customer:

1. Determine what they value

– So, let us say your firm sells cleaning products, like Lysol Inc. or Mr. Clean. Who is your target audience? Mothers right? Wrong. Your target audience should be parents, this is a modern world we live in, and in a modern world; mom & dad both take care of the house, and they both take care of the kids. Trust me, I know, I’m as modern ast the latest iPad. However, today, Mommys and Daddys don’t have time to sit down and watch regular cable or satellite television, they have to work 60 hours a week, raise children, manage a household, and somehow retain some kind of sanity. So they go to work, and DVR their favorite shows, so that they can come home later and watch what they want while fast forwarding through the commercials, which means your advertisement won’t be seen.

Combat this issue; you must let your customers know that you share their values. You are concerned about how parents can work, raise children, and stay sane. So build some sort of thought sharing platform, a blog for example, that aggregates and shares articles and news and all kinds of info on how to do all these things. How to maintain an household, and raise kids, and stay sane. Further, on that website and in those articles, do not sell one thing. What I’m talking about is not placement advertising or synergy or cross promotion. I’m talking about genuine thought sharing, value building, moral connection. Now, pay attention, because here’s the kicker…all those genuine articles, those sincere tips on how to be a good parent, a strong home-owner, and still support a family, are sponsored by your company.

The devil is in the details, my friends.

So, now to the point of this blog.

Here is a link to Newsweeks Greenest Tech companies in the United States;

Now, as pertaining to the above mentioned advice…environmentally aware companies are the future of business. As the concern over the future of the global environment grows as a public issue, customers everywhere will be looking to support, and therefore purchase goods from, those companies that have the most invested in the protection of the environment. People want to be active in support of those issues that will affect their lives, thus, they want to support companies that support and protect those issues.

Follow the advice…know what your customer values, get involved in those values, sell to your customer. You will succeed. I promise.

The future of good business.

The future of good business.


How to Succeed in the Marketing World of Today

Alright, this blog may not be as fancy as the previous, or the the ones that follow. However, I feel that it might be one of the most important one I post. 

Recently, in class, David D. Germano, Vice President of Content Marketing for Empower Media Marketing and Chief Content Strategist and Vice President for Magnetic Content Studios spoke to us about how to market and reach the audiences of today. 

This leads me to believe three fundament things;

1. Understand that audiences today have control over the media and advertising they consume

2. Firms must understand point number 1, and thus develop a new age marketing strategy

3. Firms must develop a marketing strategy based on quality, enveloping, and bond building relationships between themselves and their customers

One thing that Mr. Germano mentioned was that audiences now control what, when, and where they consume media. No longer must we watch commercials while enjoying our favorite television shows. We can DVR them, and fast forward through the breaks. Or, we catch up on them using Netflix, Hulu, or some other service, and skip the advertisements almost entirely. This means that people are no longer only watching TV in living rooms of their  homes, or only on a television. It means they can watch TV wherever they want, on whatever wi-fi capable device they choose, and can completely ignore whatever advertisements they might have been exposed too. 

Now, understanding this point, Firms must pay attention to websites like A growing business that tracks and ranks articles, videos, pictures, stories, really anything, and then shows its users how many shares it has, where its been shared too, and gives them tools to share it themselves. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TREND IN MARKETING TODAY. Firms must realize that they need to pay attention to what their audience is interested in, what their talking about, and that the best way to spread their Firm around in this day and age, is to get on top of one of those lists on websites like Mashable. 

Thus, Firms must, while still employing the use of the classic commercial. Build a culture around themselves. I’ll repeat, Build. A. Culture. Around. Themselves. Consider RedBull, they are barely even a drink company anymore. Visit,, do you see anything about their energy drink, or drinking energy drinks, or energy? No, no you do not. Instead what you see is articles about skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, BMX, everything. You see their banner and logo on the board of every extreme sport you can imagine…and you know something, Mr. Marketing Man?…They are selling more drinks than ever. 


They have built a Culture, they have become experts in the idea. People around the world interested anyway in extremes sports (see the above mentioned) are drinking RedBull. Because RedBull is involved in everything they love to do, from sponsoring athletes, to writing their own articles about major sporting events around the world. 

In todays world, a strong Firm will employ a marketing strategy to build Cults in the image of their selected masses. They forge ahead in movements of humanity, erect strongholds of emotion and relation in their customers, and inspire belief in something higher than their products. They Connect, customize, reach out, and then, finally when they are associated with every positive emotion that they can relate to their respective product…they sell the shit out of it. 

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