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Last Minutes with ODEN

A little something sweet for your heart strings and sympathy valves.



Technically speaking, multimedia is the use of several different forms of communication to present a story. However, realistically speaking, multimedia storytelling, and especially multimedia journalism is meant to envelope the audience. A strong multimedia piece can inspire, sadden, refresh, remind, and satisfy a human connection. Not only can you hear the words you would normally read on a newspaper, you can see the subject, their situation, and you can come to fully understand their place in the world. I believe that a truly excellent multimedia piece brings understanding and compassion to an audience, can inspire an audience, and can humble an audience. 

So, when I think about a story that does all of these things for me, I think about this video,, Last Minutes with ODEN, which I will post directly following this. This short film is a prime example of truly great story telling. The masterful uses of music, voice over, and editing elicits a level of sympathy to uncommon in the world today. I hope one day I’m able to craft a story as strong and compelling as this one. However, I suppose for now, I just have to sit back and admire. 


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